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Fence Installation in Watkinsville: What to Know and Why It Is Important to Hire Professionals

One of the best ways to secure a Watkinsville property is to have a fence installed. You can create separation between different areas, like the front and back yard, while creating more privacy and enjoyment for everyone.

Fence installation Watkinsville Georgia Classic City Fencing

Why Is It Best to Hire Pros for Fence Installation?

Home and business owners can leave the management details to an experienced team when they hire professional contractors for their fence installation needs. You can focus on your other responsibilities without worrying about getting the work finished.

Experienced fencing contractors are experts at juggling various installation tasks, including managing material deliveries. They work around your schedule whenever possible to avoid disruptions.

Professional Fence Installer vs. DIY Fence Installation

When comparing a professional fencing contractor to DIY techniques, there are four primary considerations to review when planning this project.

  • Getting the Right Fence. Some of the elements of fence installation to consider include the material, style, and functionality of the eventual product. Terrain issues, local height and setback regulations, or maintenance concerns could also be part of the conversation.

  • Time Savings. Professional fence builders help you avoid running into unexpected expenses or problems. Our contractors in Watkinsville tell you what to expect, reducing the risk of an unpleasant surprise. The proper equipment comes to each job to ensure the crew can work quickly and efficiently.

  • Fewer Long-Term Risks. With a professional fence installation investment, you know the job gets done right the first time. You have guarantees and warranties to rely upon if something unexpected happens, whereas a DIY project requires you to do the work over and pay the repair costs.

  • You Support Local Businesses. A local fencing business is aware of the building codes and zoning rules that apply to new fences. You’re supporting a crew that is often your neighbors and friends while still receiving a competitive quote.

There is more to installing a fence in Watkinsville than digging a few holes and sticking in the posts. Although some DIY experts may be able to handle this, this kind of project is often better left to a local professional for the reasons outlined above.

What to Look for in a Professional Fencing Company

When meeting your fence installation needs in Watkinsville, it helps to follow these tips when searching for a trusted local contractor.

1. Think About Specialties

Although you can hire a general contractor for fencing work, it often helps to hire a specialty provider. When the only work that a provider offers is fence installation, you can have more confidence in the outcome.

Once you find that contractor, ensure they are accountable for the work. They should be insured and bonded to work at your property location.

2. Property Evaluation Requirements

The best fencing contractors visit your property to see what issues and complications could change the job. Are there border issues that could complicate the installation? Do obstructions need to be removed before the work can proceed?

Crews that must manually move materials up a hill will generate a larger estimate than one where everything is delivered to the installation site.

3. Review the Warranty or Guarantee

What kind of warranty does your fencing contractor offer? Is there a manufacturer’s guarantee that comes with your preferred materials? When reviewing this information, you’ll want to determine if labor is covered only or if materials are included.

4. Ask All the Right Questions

Does the fence installer call the utility locator, or is that your responsibility? Does the installation company need to obtain permits from local government agencies? You’ll also want to discuss issues like property slopes, product height, and the project timeline so that you know what to expect.

5. Payment and Contracts Details

Most fencing companies offer a written contract that covers the details you can expect for the project. It outlines the work to complete, when payments are due, and if a deposit is required to get started. You should receive information about what steps you can take if the project goes beyond the timeline or gets abandoned for some reason.

A professional fence installer in Watkinsville can help you achieve your desired results while delivering long-term results that add potential equity to your property. Contact Classic City Fencing today for a Free Estimate!


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