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Chain Link Fencing: Why a Chain Link Fence Is Right for You

Fences make for good neighbors. They also provide safer places for kids and pets to run while adding curb appeal and security benefits.

Is a Chain Link Fence a Good Idea?

Chain link fences in Watkinsville are strong and durable. When they receive the proper care and attention, this option is an asset that delivers a high return on your investment because of how long they can last.

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5 Reasons Why Chain Link Fencing Is a Great Choice

Chain link fencing offers a timeless design choice that comes from interlinked galvanized metal pieces. Several height and color options are available to ensure anyone can enjoy the reasons to install this property asset.

1. Chain Link Fencing Is Affordable

Compared to aluminum, vinyl or wood, a chain link fence in Watkinsville is typically more affordable for homeowners. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who needs to install a fence while sticking to a reasonable budget.

2. Improved Airflow

Since chain link fences aren’t a solid-type design, you’ll have more air movement come through your property. It maintains the natural flows that can cause vinyl panels to loosen. That means you also receive more natural light, but you can also install inserts if you prefer more privacy.

3. Simple Maintenance

Most chain link fencing requires minimal care to keep looking fantastic. Most Watkinsville homeowners only need to check for damage a couple of times per year. Cleaning it is as simple as spraying it with a garden hose.

4. Security Improvements

With a chain link fence in place, you can keep unwanted animals out of your yard while keeping your pets and kids safe by having them stay on your property. It also creates a security barrier that helps to hold off possible home intruders.

5. Property Value Improvements

Fencing increases the value of your property because it offers safety and security assets that people want. It’s considered an improvement, which could add some extra equity.

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Dos and Don’ts of Chain Link Fencing in Watkinsville

If you’re thinking about having a chain link fence installed on your property, here are some of the dos and don’ts to review before investing in this asset.

  • DO apply rust protection periodically unless the metal has a vinyl coating protecting it.

  • DON’T let vines or vegetation grow on the fence because the organic material and collected moisture can cause rust to develop.

  • DO keep your chain link fence clean. Use steel wool to remove rust, while mold or mildew can be eliminated with a vinegar-water combination.

  • DON’T neglect repairs. If nails or screws require tightening, take care of the chore right away.

  • DO plan gate placement needs before starting your project to ensure post placement is accurate.

  • DON’T install your fence without checking the property lines first.

Chain link fences in Watkinsville provide a financially sound option for your property, even if your budget is relatively strict. If you have any questions about this resource or want to schedule a free estimate, be sure to reach out to Classic City Fencing in Watkinsville, our fence installation experts are here to help!


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