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privacy fence installation with wood slats

Privacy Fencing in Watkinsville, GA

Privacy Fence Installation

When you want to protect your Watkinsville property, enjoy it more without others seeing what you’re doing, or reduce sightlines into your home, investing in a privacy fence is the way to go. Benefits of privacy fencing include:

Security and Value

Adding a privacy fence adds security and value to your property. It can even lower homeowner insurance rates.


Portions of the fence can be made to be removable or have gates installed for future landscaping updates or outbuilding installation.

Visual Boundaries

It creates an animal boundary so that you can let your pets outside to play and roam. It also prevents strays from wandering into your yard.

Weather Protection

High winds can damage your backyard, but a well-built privacy fence offers weather protection benefits.


Customized options are available, including materials, designs, and fence painting or fence staining.


The extra seclusion allows you to have social gatherings without disturbing your neighbors.

Long-Term Solution

Privacy fences offer a semi-permanent way to adjust how you use your property while providing more opportunities to get outside in your own way.


You’ll create a boundary demarcation point for your property.

Privacy Fence Gallery

Privacy Fence Types


Dog Ear Fence

Dog ear privacy fences refer to the board shape at the top. Instead of being flat, the corners are sawed off to create a half-hexagonal appearance. This design adds visual depth without compromising the barrier’s effectiveness.

dog ear fence

Shadow Box Fence

This privacy fence style uses a board-on-board design to create a beautiful barrier on both sides. By alternating the pickets, the weight is distributed evenly to ensure long-lasting durability without a closed-off look.

Privacy fence types Capped fence

Capped Fence

A traditional capped fence uses a 2x4 board on top of the panels to create a cleaner, more streamlined look. It’s possible to add a cap to virtually any privacy fence in Watkinsville, even if your installation is angled for property slopes.

Privacy Fence Repair and Maintenance

Privacy fences deliver benefits for 15+ years with proper care, inspections, and maintenance. 

Need privacy fence repair? Contact us at (706) 255-1245 or send us a message.

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