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Chain link fencing for backyard

Chain Link Fencing in Watkinsville, GA

Chain Link Fence Installation

Residential and commercial chain link fences provide Watkinsville property owners with several potential benefits including:


Chain link fences are among the least expensive to install for Watkinsville properties. It’s an excellent choice for those who have budget needs as a primary concern.


Chain link fences are made from interlocking coated steel wire, making it is exceptionally durable. Wind can pass through it so weather-related damage is less likely to occur.

Numerous Choices

Several options are available, including different gauges, heights, and color coatings.

Fast Repairs

If a section of the fence is damaged, it can be repaired quickly and affordably.


Chain link fences are a low-maintenance choice that doesn’t gather dirt or experience corrosion.

Quick Installation

Chain link fencing goes up quickly, ensuring that you receive the property protection you need right away.


This fence type provides a sturdy, see-through option that offers a property barrier while allowing necessary sightlines.


Chain link fences in Watkinsville provide a clear border, and helps keep out intruders, pests, and your neighbors pets.

Chain Link Fence Gallery

Chain Link Fence Types

Chain link fence installation with metal corner post

Black Chain Link Fence

PVC coatings are a popular choice for chain link fences because the installation looks more natural while blending in with the landscaping. Black is an excellent choice because it delivers a clean appearance without standing out. Brown, green, and white are available also.

Chain link fence for work yard

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

This chain link fence type is one of the most popular options installed today in Watkinsville, GA. Since the product is made from metal, the galvanizing process solves corrosion issues by making the fence more durable and attractive. 

Chain Link Fence Repair and Maintenance

Although residential chain link fencing (and commercial) is highly durable, routine inspection and maintenance can prolong its life.

Need chain link fence repair? Contact us at (706) 255-1245 or send us a message.

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