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farm fence with wire and metal posts

Farm Fencing in Watkinsville, GA

Farm Fence Installation

Our farm fence installers will help ensure your livestock, crops, and property are protected. Agricultural fences or Farm fencing is a simple and cost-effective fencing solution. Benefits include:


Farm fencing in Watkinsville lets you structure your property to maximize its use for livestock, crops, and more to reduce insurance concerns and enhance profits. 

Pasture Separation

Farm fencing divides your land into different sections, allowing you to separate pastures and grazing spots from other productive spaces.

Up to Code

Meaning the legal requirements for some jurisdictions when specific animals (typically livestock) must be kept away from neighboring properties.

Animal Protection

Fences stop animals from wandering off, avoiding local roads or streams where pollution or accidents could happen.

Safe for Animals

Farm fences with wire are a safe option for most animals, even if they lean on the structure or try to stick their heads through it.


You can protect livestock and crops from unwelcome guests with this barrier.

Plenty of Choices

Numerous agricultural fencing styles are available to help your home benefit from a customized look. 

Wildlife Prevention

Agricultural fences help prevent wildlife from targeting gardens, crops, and other sensitive spaces.

Types of Agricultural Fences

Farms benefit from high-quality fencing for several reasons, ranging from livestock control to curb appeal. Three farm fence styles are frequently installed in Watkinsville, GA. Which option is right for you?

farm fence with wire for yard enclosure

Farm Fence With Wire

Long-lasting agricultural fences for the farm often use high-tensile wire because of its strength. Cattle are heavy and strong, so you need something more substantial to keep the barrier’s shape. Smooth wires also keep your livestock safe. This option is the most cost-effective choice.

cattle fencing with log posts for backyard

Cattle Fence

Cattle fencing in Watkinsville, GA, ensures that your livestock stays in the fields and pastures of your choice. Several height options are available to support bulls, horses, and other large animals. 

farm fence with gate enclosure

Wood Rail Fence

The classic farm fence in Watkinsville, GA, provides boundary demarcation points while creating a sense of beautiful, open spaces. This option is installed along driveways, for corrals, and even as landscaping solutions. It also provides a higher-end look. Learn more about Wood Rail Fencing.

Farm Fence Repair and Maintenance

Farm fences in Watkinsville can go through significant wear and tear over a season. Regular inspections should be completed, repairs are typically minor.

Need farm fence repairs? Contact us at (706) 255-1245 or send us a message.

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