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Aluminum Fence Installation

Aluminum Metal Fencing in Watkinsville, GA

Aluminum Fence Installation

Aluminum fencing provides traditional aesthetics, modern appeal, and long-lasting durability for your Watkinsville property. Aluminum fencing has become a popular choice because of its benefits including:


Aluminum fences are highly versatile solution that our installers can adjust to fit your landscape. You won’t need to worry about awkward transitions or ugly gaps.


Compared to other metals, such as steel or wrought iron, aluminum fencing is quite affordable, and delivers the same great look as other metal fencing.

Corrosion Resistant

Aluminum fences don’t rust like iron, ensuring you have a structure that can stand firm against the outdoor elements.


Today's best aluminum fencing choices come with a powder paint coating that ensures the product can last several decades without excessive wear.

Environmentally Friendly

It's an environmentally friendly property solution when choosing an aluminum fence made from recycled materials.

Open Approach

Today’s best aluminum fence designs allow the wind to move freely while providing strength where you need it the most.


This investment serves as a barrier surrounding a pool, secures a yard, or even provides farm fence benefits.

Easy Maintenance

Most aluminum fences in Watkinsville can be maintained with a simple spray of water.

Aluminum Fence Gallery

Aluminum Fencing Styles

metal fencing surrounding large yard

Flat Top Aluminum Fencing

aluminum fencing surrounding back porch

Pressed Spear Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum Flat Top

Available Flat Top Options:

Flat top aluminum fences create safety barriers while defining boundaries and enhancing the curb appeal of your property. Customization options are available through decorative adornments, or you can opt for a classic style with beautiful modern lines.

Aluminum Pressed Spear

Available Pressed Spear Options:

Pressed spear styles of aluminum fencing in Watkinsville offer a bold and precise definition to each perimeter or space while following the natural contours of your property. It delivers an elegant result while providing superior performance. The natural points even offer a first defensive line for improved home security.