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wood rail fencing with x-cross pattern

Wood Rail Fencing in Watkinsville, GA

Wood Rail Fence Installation

Wood rail fences provide properties with a traditional look that stands out. It’s rustic, beautiful, and delivers an effective barrier while emphasizing openness. Benefits of wood rail fencing include:


Wood rail fencing has a moderate cost compared to other materials and designs while delivering long-lasting property support.

Landscaping Enhancement

Nothing comes close to natural wood when enhancing your outdoor landscaping. The elegance it offers is 100% unique.

Less Injury Risk

This design is less likely to cause accidental injuries to pets, livestock, or people while providing a sturdy barrier that resists impacts.

Simple Installation

Wood rail fencing is easy to install. Since that means less labor is involved, you can save significantly while enjoying the benefits of a property barrier.

Zero Corrosion

High-quality wood matures, especially when it receives ongoing care and treatment. You don’t need to worry about corrosion-related issues.

Numerous Choices

Several sizes and design variations are possible, ensuring that you receive the perfect solution for your Watkinsville property.

Equity Improvement

Home values typically increase with fences installed, allowing you to enjoy more potential equity.

Environmentally Friendly

Wood rail fencing not only looks classicly rustic, it's also an eco-friendly choice.

Wood Rail Fence Styles

Wood rail fences come with several standard options to consider. We can also work with custom styles to deliver the unique look you desire. Here are some recent examples of wood rail fences we’ve built in Watkinsville and the surrounding area:

Wood Rail Fence Repair and Maintenance

Wood fences in Watkinsville look gorgeous after installation, but they need some help to stay that way. Regular maintenance can help your investment look great for years to come.

Need wood rail fence repair? Contact us at (706) 255-1245 or send us a message.

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