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Aluminum Fencing: Everything You Need to Know Before Making That Purchase

Fences offer privacy, security, and resale value. It’s not unusual for aluminum fencing to be a top choice because of its numerous benefits.

If you’ve been thinking about installing a fence, aluminum should be at the top of your list because of its advantages.

Why Choose an Aluminum Fence?

Aluminum fences add curb appeal, beauty, and structure to any property. This material doesn’t need any special treatments or paint to maintain it, which means you can place it anywhere to achieve desirable results.

You can place an aluminum fence around a pool, front yard, garden area, or any other space without worrying about what happens to it.

It delivers a low-maintenance experience that often requires nothing more than a simple rinse to remove grass clippings, mud, and dust. The powder coating that comes with the metal lasts for the fence’s lifetime, so no need for fence painting.

Aluminum vs. Steel Fencing in Watkinsville and Athens

Aluminum fencing provides a more affordable substitute to steel options while mimicking the look of wrought iron. It provides a lightweight resource that remains strong, reducing shipping and labor costs.

Aluminum also provides an environmental benefit when compared to steel. Once installed, it offers more corrosion resistance, establishing a long-term fencing solution that requires fewer updates or repairs.

Steel fences can deliver similar long-lasting qualities, but they typically require galvanizing and additional powder coating to achieve those results. Since it is a heavier option, it tends to be a bit more resistant to potential impacts.

If aluminum fencing gets a scratch or ding, you don’t need to worry about it. When steel receives damage, it can rust. That means regular inspections are necessary for the latter option to ensure your asset value remains preserved.

5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Aluminum Fence

Fences provide more than a barrier for a backyard or a pool area. They protect your privacy and offer many other security benefits.

Before investing in this resource, you’ll want to review these five things to ensure you receive a fence installation that makes sense for your needs.

Fence Height Requirements

Most communities have strict height requirements for fences, especially if they protect a pool area. The goal should be to find a size that maximizes a person’s safety while limiting your liability risks.

Higher fences typically reduce issues with trespassing. Most people feel more comfortable when this structure is near the maximum allowed height instead of the minimum.

Maintenance Needs

Aluminum fencing provides corrosion-free benefits because the metal contains no iron oxide. You may want to verify the materials used for your fencing project to ensure you get the desired results.

Some sections often need to be cut to size. That removes the coating, but the metal won’t rust. Look for quality shaping to reduce the risk of cuts or snags when encountering these seams.

Total Fence Strength

Fences must resist warping, bending, and breaking once installed. Metal fencing provides this outcome more reliably than wood or natural products, but it still requires a secure installation to maximize this benefit.

Sticking fence posts directly into the ground will not offer a long-term solution. Even though the metal doesn’t rust when choosing an aluminum fence, you won’t receive the same sturdiness levels as one where the posts are permanently affixed.

You might wish to review the differences between residential- and commercial-grade aluminum fencing to ensure you’re receiving a desirable installation.

Latch Quality

If your fence doesn’t offer a gated space, this consideration can be skipped. For everyone else, the latch component is one of the most overlooked components of a backyard or pool fence. Without an excellent design, the overall structure struggles to fulfill its protective role.

A self-closing gate with an automatic magnetic latching mechanism is the best option, especially when young children are around. Add self-closing hinges to ensure there isn’t any room for a mistake to happen.

Property Aesthetics

An aluminum fence comes in several shapes and sizes. You can choose something ornate, practical, or anything between those options. Rail-style installations might work better for your property, or you might prefer the traditional wrought iron look. These options and more are available to consider.

When you’re ready to explore purchasing an aluminum fence, the team at Classic City Fencing is here to help! We can help your Watkinsville or Athens area home or business enjoy a high-quality aluminum fencing installation built fast, with competitive pricing.


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